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From the motorcycle of:
Tom Thornley – aka The AIRHAWK GUY, 2.15pm
Finally a motorcycle seat that you sit IN – rather than ON….

How I went from being Mr Numb Bum to the AIRHAWK Guy and why you will be glad I did…”


Good Afternoon,
I have to confess… I’m an avid motorbike rider. I love my bike – short rides, long rides, any excuse – even around the block to check that imaginary “strange noise” I’d heard in the wheel…

But, when I stop and get off my motorbike…

Yes, you know it. I’m sure you’ve experienced it at some stage too:

The Numb Bum…

For a while I just accepted it. It was unfair, but you had to take the good with the bad. The pleasure of riding your bike and the pain in your nether regions or the numb bum.

Then after a long day in the saddle with some fellow riders I listened to them all groan and hobble into the café we were lunching at.

And I got mad.

I thought, ‘there must be some way of being comfortable on the bike and not spending half your time moving around on the seat to find a non-sore spot’.

I’d try all of the other alternatives, from Sheepskin to some home-made pillow like structure that a mate gave me – and I was still Mr Numb Bum.

So I started researching… well, that’s an understatement I guess…

I hassled every motorbike rider I met about their experiences on their bike. I visited every store I could that sold motorbike accessories and terrorized their staff, looking for alternatives. I turned into an Internet Junky and read about motorbike comfort…

And over and over again the name that kept coming up was AIRHAWK.

People were raving about the AIRHAWK Cushions

The AIRHAWK Cushions had adjustable air inflation and multiple cells to provide a custom fit to your personal contour for every ride. Some genius who I will be forever thankful for, designed a system they called DRY FLOATATION® technology that eliminates painful pressure points and promotes consistent blood flow for a longer, more comfortable ride. Memory foam can’t do it. Gel seats can’t do it. Only genuine AIRHAWK does it. And the cushion is portable – you can use it anywhere you sit!

The cushions are handcrafted from neoprene and polyvinyl and feature a non-skid urethane base to protect your bike’s seat. You don’t even have to attach it if you don’t want to. The non-skid material keeps the cushion in place.

AIRHAWK helps eliminate Back Pain

I was hearing stories of people who had even considered getting rid of their bikes due to back pain, were now back on their bikes using an AIRHAWK Cushion with little or no back pain. One man said he’d saved thousands of dollars because he didn’t need to trade his bike in on another model because the AIRHAWK Cushion had finally made it comfortable. Even pillions who once suffered from back pain were keen to ride again with AIRHAWK.

Open mesh side panels allow air to circulate through individual air cells creating extra ventilation to reduce heat build-up. Finally a way to eliminate Hot Seat!

The AIRHAWK cushion sizes vary to suit different bike sizes, from big cruiser bikes and sport bikes, to smaller street bikes. There are even cushions designed for passenger seats when you ride pillion.

But you’ll learn all of this if you ever read a brochure on AIRHAWK.

Now, let me tell you the things you’ll discover when you actually plant your rear-end on one of these gems.

If the AIRHAWK Cushion ever got wet all you would need to do is dry off the air-cell inner and just wring out the cover. Simple.

And you know all of those annoying little bumps from patched bitumen etc that you always feel? Well with the AIRHAWK cushion – they don’t exist anymore! AIRHAWK truly smoothes the ride.

The cushion works just as well on a bench or camping stool as it does on your bike.

After discovering all of these things I set a speed record to get myself one. And I was delighted to find that everything I’d heard and read was true.

In fact, I was so rapt with the product, all of my mates received AIRHAWK Cushions for birthdays and Christmas. Next their wives and other friends wanted AIRHAWK Cushions too!

And that’s where it’s at today. I have been selling AIRHAWK Cushions and eliminating the Numb Bum condition for the last 20 years. I can proudly say I’ve put more people in Australia on AIRHAWK than anyone else, and I can also say with confidence that no one else knows more about comfort on a motorbike than I do!

I’ve been using an AIRHAWK Cushion ever since… and guess what? No more Numb Bum!

Here’s why AirHawk® is better

The AIRHAWK advantage is in the patented technology which,

  • Redistributes weight away from pressure points to improve blood flow, relieving pain and discomfort.
  • Absorbs shock and vibration, reducing jarring and fatigue.
  • Provides a medium between you and the seat, allowing you to adopt a comfortable posture instead of conforming to the shape of the seat.
  • Aids in the prevention and healing of certain common types of ulcers
  • Doesn’t degrade or lose shape over time like gel or foam
  • Scientifically tested and proven in 100+ medical trials and papers

The Pressure Maps above show the difference between seat cushions that use Air Cell Technology and ordinary memory foam or gel cushions.

Do you see the red and yellow areas in the standard cushion on the left? Those are uncomfortable “pressure points” that cause pain after hours of sitting.

Now, look at the Airhawk® cushion on the right. As you can see, there are NO pressure points. Air Cell Technology evenly distributes your weight for improved circulation and comfort.