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AirHawk is a product of the ROHO Group and this is their story.

ROHO, Inc. was incorporated in 1973 by Robert H. Graebe. He began his career as an electrical engineer, but while working on a project for a hospital, he became concerned about a means to heal ischemic ulcers or pressures sores, as they are commonly called. Through intense research and development, Mr. Graebe invented ROHO DRY FLOATATION technology, named such because ROHO medical cushions and mattresses mimic the properties of water, in a dry, air-fluid environment. This technology has been proven in countless clinical studies to assist in effectively healing as well as preventing pressure sores.

While originally organized into three separate companies, in March 2001 the Boards of Directors of ROHO, Inc., ROHO International, and CROWN THERAPEUTICS, Inc. announced a new corporate structure, The ROHO Group, which provided a more effective approach to global business. This new structure allowed for greater synergy and efficiencies throughout all functions of the three organizations by consolidating important support departments such as marketing, training, education, and corporate planning. Under The ROHO Group, the sales, marketing, and product development functions have been focused upon the three distinct market segments of medical seating, support surfaces, and consumer products (non-medical applications).

In 1997, ROHO, Inc. entered the consumer marketplace with the AIRHAWK Motorcycle Cushion, which also uses ROHO DRY FLOATATION technology to provide rider comfort and enhance blood flow. And in 1998, the Company introduced the AIRHAWK truck cushion for use in long-haul transportation and other heavy equipment addressing both the need for improved comfort as well as reduction of lower back pain. Most recently, the Company has developed products for office chairs in both OEM and overlay configurations and entered both the aviation and agricultural markets.

AIRHAWK Australia carries a full range of AIRHAWK recreational products for motorcycle, armchair, wheelchair, office, 4×4, bus, motorhome, transport, mining, construction, earth moving and aviation.

Come experience life on an AIRHAWK!

Here’s why AirHawk® is better

The AIRHAWK advantage is in the patented technology which,

  • Redistributes weight away from pressure points to improve blood flow, relieving pain and discomfort.
  • Absorbs shock and vibration, reducing jarring and fatigue.
  • Provides a medium between you and the seat, allowing you to adopt a comfortable posture instead of conforming to the shape of the seat.
  • Aids in the prevention and healing of certain common types of ulcers
  • Doesn’t degrade or lose shape over time like gel or foam
  • Scientifically tested and proven in 100+ medical trials and papers

The Pressure Maps above show the difference between seat cushions that use Air Cell Technology and ordinary memory foam or gel cushions.

Do you see the red and yellow areas in the standard cushion on the left? Those are uncomfortable “pressure points” that cause pain after hours of sitting.

Now, look at the Airhawk® cushion on the right. As you can see, there are NO pressure points. Air Cell Technology evenly distributes your weight for improved circulation and comfort.