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Recreational & Stereo Headsets

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  • $240.00

Earmold Australia® using our custom made earplugs can produce ready to go, on the spot stereo headsets which can be used for a multitude of uses.


In 1999 we looked for a way of having speakers sit comfortable in your ears that didn't fall out or be painful to wear, so we looked at what law enforcement professional and the military were using and came up with our Recreational Stereo head Sets.

We had a lot of complaints from people that their off the shelf ear buds were uncomfortable, couldn't be heard in loud environments or kept breaking, so using our custom made hearing protection we made a flat fitting earplug and then developed a strong coiled acoustic tube to carry the sound from the speakers directly into your ears. The outcome is fantastic sound, superior comfort and a product that last for years. With the acoustic tubing as part of the earplug this prevents the wiring being damaged when inserting and removing the earplugs and the acoustic tubing also prevents any moisture getting into the speaker and causing corrosion giving you a great, affordable stereo head set.

Available with or without an in line volume control and also stereo or single mono, we also make components to suit two-way radio units as well.

These units are great for Motorcyclist, people who like to exercise with music, in the plane, on a bus or if you just want to sit back and read a good book and shut the world away.

Easy to clean as the speaker is away from the plug you can wash your plug without fear of damaging the speaker and all parts a replaceable so if you do somehow damage a single component you can generally have that part repaired.

No need for the extra cost of impressions, no waiting weeks to get your custom head set, made on the spot and ready to use within the hour