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Single Driver In-ear Music Monitors

Product Code : SDMM
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  • $329.00

Earmold Australia® now can offer full In-Ear Professional Music Monitors with our on the spot custom earplugs


The plugs are made on the spot and we fit the speaker directly into the mould and in most cases they are ready to use the same day, no more waiting weeks for your music monitors to come back.

With our unique system you now have the comfort of your very own custom molded plugs with professional audio drivers fitted giving you crystal clear sound directly into your ears.

Available with a Single blanced Driver for crystal clear sound

The unit is 60cm in length and has a standard 3.5mm gold stereo connection pin at the end so it will plug into just about any system

Supplied with a 90cm extension cable, handy carry pouch and cleaning tool

Optional Volume control extension cable $25.00

Optional Microphone cable $35.00 - fits most smart phones with a 3.5mm phone jack

Available directectly from Earmold Australia and selected agents