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Single Finger Rain Off Over-Gloves - Xtra Small

Product Code : ROXS
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  • $77.50

Fits small to average women riders. Hand size - 140mm to 160mm.
Including insured Post Australia wide.


Made in New Zealand- 1 Year Warranty -

• 100% waterproof. Welded seams make these overgloves 100% waterproof. They simply can't leak!
• Up to 50% warmer. They make excellent windbreakers keeping M/C gloves at higher air temperatures. Great for extra warmth in fine cold weather.
• Light weight: Made from strong flexible polyester. Minimal loss of feeling in fingers if any.
• Last longer: Your leather gloves will last longer with no exposure to wet weather.
• Pack up small: Rolled up, these overgloves come in a pocket sized pouch.
• More wet weather riding: You'll do more wet weather riding now the most difficult part of the body to keep comfortable in wet weather riding is warm & dry.
• Rain-Offs are made with elastic and toggle buttons to pull the gauntlets tight against the arm keeping the wet from running into your gloves.
• Gauntlet: Designed with gauntlets to cover the longest gloves. Therefore keeping cold wind & rain from entering up sleeves.
• More economical than spending $'s on expensive (and possibly) waterproof gloves.
• Visor friendly: You can wipe your visor absolutely clear with no scratching or annoying smearing and smudging.

Five Sizes

IMPORTANT: Below is a basic guide. *Some riders have huge hands and long fingers, if this sounds like you please use the image below as a guide to measure your hand.
XS - Fit small to average women riders. Hand size - 140mm to 160mm (5 1/2 inches to 6 1/4 inches)
SMALL - Fit riders under 5'8" (ish) Hand size - 160mm to 180mm (6 1/4 inches to 7 inches)
MEDIUM - Fit riders 5'8 to 5'10" (ish) Hand size - 180mm to 200mm (7 inches to 8 inches)
LARGE - Fit riders 5'10 to 6ft (ish) Hand size - 200mm to 220mm (8 inches to 8 3/4 inches)
X L - Fit riders 6ft+ Hand size 220mm or larger. (8 3/4 inches or larger)

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