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Flat Strapz 1000 mm - FLS1000

Product Code : FLS1000
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  • $40.00

Imagination is the only limit. Wrap them around an item and an anchor point. Flat Strapz will hold tight without cutting in, sliding off or rolling to the centre. No hooks to take out an eye or scratch and dent your pride and joy. Quick and easy to use.


  • Why hold hundreds of dollars of equipment with a couple of $2 eye gougers?
  • Many times stronger than occy straps.
  • Two inch wide elastic luggage straps.
  • Heavy duty Velcro for a strong, safe join.No Hooks
  • Five sizes, packed in pairs.
  • Fast, safe, amazingly strong and simple to use.
  • Closes on top of the load.
  • Easier to use.
  • Won’t cut in or roll off.
  • No hooks to scratch, dent or injure.
  • Adjust length by wrapping a couple of times.
  • Proven over hundreds of thousands of kilometres.
  • Use them anywhere you'd use a bungee cord or bit of rope.
  • A combination of stretch webbing and heavy duty Velcro tapes.
  • So simple yet so very effective.