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Vehicle Cushions

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Driving a car these days seems easier than ever before, with Active Stability Control, ABS and many other features all bundled in under the banner of safety.

The simple fact is that one of the greatest causes of death on our roads is fatigue.

Keeping fresh, comfortable and in control is critical to you and your family's safety.

By increasing circulation and ventilation, your comfort is increased significantly reducing fatigue, resulting in a safer journey.

AIRHAWK cushions maximise comfort by

  • Redistributing weight away from pressure points to promote improved blood flow, relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Absorbs shock and vibration, reducing jarring and fatigue.
  • Providing a medium between you and the seat allowing you to adopt a comfortable posture rather than conforming to the shape of the seat.
      Fabric Seat Cushion
AIRHAWK Vehicle Cushions come with a pump, convenient
carry handle and a complimentary repair kit.

  • Fabric Seat Cushion 
             Lightweight and easy to fold offering the flexibility to move the
             cushion between vehicles, featuring a black, soft fabric cover.
             48cm wide x 43cm long

For Reps on the road most of the day or individuals that have a long journey ahead of them, AIRHAWK Comfort Seating Systems are the logical choice.

To find out more about how AIRHAWK Comfort Seating Systems can help
you Call Now on 1300 783 128 or Email Us.

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