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Aviation Cushions

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The AIRHAWK Comfort Seating System is designed for maximum comfort for your lower back and legs while you are confined to a small space for a significant period of time.

Sized 48cm wide x 43cm long, the AIRHAWK LTVF Cushion relieves the discomfort that is so common on long flights by redistributing pressure on the lower back and bottom via the dynamic AIRHAWK air distribution system – a series of interconnected air cells that mimic the properties of water.

  • Redistributes weight away from pressure points to promote improved blood flow, relieve pain and discomfort.  
  • Absorbs shock and vibration, reducing jarring and fatigue.  
  • Provides a medium between you and the seat allowing you to adopt a comfortable posture rather than conforming to the shape of the seat.

Eliminate pain in the lower back, numbness in the legs and improve your blood flow and circulation during flights with an LTVF cushion from AIRHAWK Comfort Seating Systems.
Please Note -
The LTVF cushions often fit and are used in both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

For more information and images of the LTVF cushion please refer to our Vehicle or Office Chair pages. We can also be contacted by the following methods, Contact Us or phone 1300 783 128.

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