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Helpful tips for long-term sitting

Date: 27th October 2017| Category: General
Whether it occurs in our careers, our hobbies or during the pursuit of leisure activities, sitting down is unavoidable. And for some of us, sitting is a big part of our daily lives. Given the way most of us feel after extended periods of sitting, it should seem almost intuitive that sitting for prolonged periods of time must be hazardous to our health.
Below are several tips to help maintain your health and sanity when sitting for long periods of time.

1. Take breaks
Taking frequent breaks to move around is important after sitting for long periods of time. It gets the blood flowing again, gives you a mental break from the task at hand, burns calories and allows you to stretch your muscles. Whether it’s 30 seconds or 15 minutes, walk around, take some deep breaths, get a coffee or have some water. Here are some more ideas to help you break up a sitting spell:

  • Meditate – meditation can improve the overall health of your mind and body. Improved breathing and relaxation can help you clear your mind and relieve stress. If you’ve never meditated before, you can try resources like the mobile app Headspace, which uses a narrator to walk you through the meditation process and breathing exercises.
  • Go for a walk – Walking outdoors is a great way to get some light exercise and fresh air. After being stuck for hours in a car or in an office, a walk can make a positive difference in your mood and energy level. Get some of that high-quality oxygen and come back refreshed!

2. Take it up a notch with an exercise routine
The human body is meant to be mobile. A body in motion burns calories and generates endorphins, which relieves stress and elevates mood. Here are some recommended exercises for long-term sitters:

  • Yoga – When you sit for long periods of time, you’re putting strain on your spine, neck, joints and other pressure points. Yoga relieves stress, increases flexibility, and improves core strength as well as overall muscle strength.
  • Running – If you work in an office and sit at a desk for hours, cardiovascular exercise can be beneficial. Try going for a lunch time run or waking up a little earlier in the morning to get your heart pumping, body moving and blood flowing.
  • If you must sit, BE COMFORTABLE! – AirHawk seats with their patented air cell technology are designed to provide an improved level of comfort for long-term sitters. We offer a whole product line geared toward ergonomic solutions. Our product offering includes cushions for every part of your life: office chairs, trucks and other long-distance transport vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, aircraft cockpits, portable stadium seats and more.

If you would like to know more about AirHawk seats and how they can improve your sitting experience, please visit our website
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